$300,000 USD Funding Goal

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A feature film based on the true and untold story of Tupac Shakur’s production partner and filmmaker, whose life was changed forever during Tupac’s last seven days seen alive…


“Over the last few years, I’ve been working on getting this project out on my own; initially as a documentary.

Now there’s a team of co-producers, a record label, a PR firm, and digital media agency behind this project as we’re transitioning this untold story into a scripted film, still starring Tupac himself!

This film, now in it’s early development stages, will have a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launched within the coming weeks so that we may start production!

Above is the official poster of the film entitled “7 Dayz – The Movie”.

Please spread the word of our campaign, social profiles and tag any Pac fan that you know will be interested in seeing this film come to fruition.

Stay tuned here at 7DayzTheMovie.com for more updates!”

– Gobi M. Rahimi


5/18/15 – Access Now!


2016 (Once Funded)


7Dayz, Inc.


Gobi M. Rahimi – Writer, Director, Producer
Tupac: Resurrection, DMX: Soul of a Man

Preston L. Holmes – Producer
New Jack City, Juice, Malcolm X, Gridlock’d, Tupac: Resurrection, Hustle & Flow

Arshia Bolour – Producer

Ray Moheet – Producer
Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero

Matthew L. Curtis – Production Executive, Assoc. Production
Boardwalk Empire, Grand Theft Auto V, Hello Ladies, Nothing To Lose Everything To Gain


Much & House,Public Relations
Strange Music,Music Partner
Immortal Media Group,Digital Media:Social/Web/GFX